Am I at risk for substance use disorder?

Unveiling our new set of tests to evaluate substance use disorder.

In the realm of mental health and recovery, self-awareness is the first step towards healing. Recognising this, Best Life is excited to launch a new set of tools in our toolkit that brings you a user-friendly, confidential adaptation of the CAGE-AID questionnaire.

The original CAGE-AID questionnaire, utilised by mental health professionals and recovery institutions, has a long, proven history of effectiveness. It’s renowned for its simplicity as well as for provoking thought and self-reflection. Our adaptation maintains these core qualities while enhancing accessibility and user experience, making it an invaluable resource for anyone questioning their relationship with substances.

Why is this important? Because substance use disorder is often cloaked in denial or ignorance. Our tool is designed to be a mirror, reflecting aspects of your life that you might not have acknowledged. It’s quick, straightforward, and remarkably accurate (almost infallable), asking you to ponder your personal circumstances through a few well-crafted questions.

We recognize the gravity of confronting substance use issues, and this tool is a confidential, non-judgmental first step. It’s not just about identifying a problem; it’s about illuminating a path forward. You don’t need to add your email address – only if you want a copy of the results mailed to you.

And (as always) this is just the beginning. We are committed to launching more tools like this – quick, easy-to-use tests that help you understand your risk factors and take charge of your mental health. Keep an eye on our platform for more innovations that empower you on your journey to wellness.

Remember, acknowledging a challenge is the first step towards overcoming it. Let this tool be your starting line to your Best Life.

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