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What is Best Life?

Best Life is a mHealth smartphone app and social platform in early-stage development, geo-targeting like-minded individuals  committed to a life of sobriety, as well as affected friends and family members. 
Best Life will provide the platform that meets the vital need for connection and aims to address this critical need in a refreshingly positive and empowering way by building a global community, free from the stigma associated with addiction. 
Through a shared commitment to a healthy lifestyle and the development of new and inspiring social networks, ultimately, Best Life will enable users, the primary member, and the affected family members, to live their best lives.

Connect with like minded individuals in recovery, by means of geo – location functionality.

Connect in real life through user created events.

Benefit from a host of supportive features, inspirational content, and professional services.

Build up your support network and private accountability groups.

No more stigma. Wear your sobriety proudly.

Track your sobriety, time and savings.

Enjoy unique access to benefits from a host of partners in the lifestyle and health space.

Our story (so far).

If you’re reading our story, like you, or somebody close to you, we have both struggled with addiction for as long as we can remember. Both of us have been in treatment and both of us intimately understand the ongoing battles associated with addiction, including the negative stigma.

It was during the Covid-19 lockdown in 2021 that we met up, at Rondebosch Park in Cape Town, to chat through some of the challenges we had both been facing on our individual sobriety journeys, and to identify what was missing and what was holding us back

Through further discussion with others attempting to lead a life of sobriety, we realised the common stumbling blocks are the lack of meaningful connection, healthy social network and access to a new supportive community of people who were going through the same things that we were.

And so, we decided it was time to build that community through a community platform that connects people just like us. Whenever and wherever you happen to be. To put us all on the path to living our best lives, together, no matter what stage of recovery.

We ask you to join us on this journey as we build and shape the Best Life community.

Brian and Alistair.
Best Life Founders.

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